Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Autumn Joy

Peels of laughter ring
As children playfully run through
Tall corn stocks, bales of hay
Embracing and relishing in a comfortable Autumn Day
Smells of caramel apples fill the air
Candy corn, peanuts, general fall fair
Apple cider, cinnamon, gourds big and small
Picking through pumpkins to find the perfect one
Facing painting, decorating contests, pony rides galore
Riding in the back of a truck fulled with hay
A fun-filled memory of a great family day
Later in the crisp fall night
Faces are illuminated by the fire light
Hands sticky from toasted marshmallows
Mouths smudged with chocolate from s'mores
Graham cracker crumbs littering shirts and floors
The crackle of the bonfire muted by stories told
Days like this are memories they will forever hold

I hope you enjoyed this little poem about Autumn! I live in Florida, so we don't get days like this, but when I lived in Kentucky, we did and I kinda miss them.

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  1. You completely took me back to days of pumpkin patch fun with the boys and friends.

  2. I forgot you moved to Florida. I'm in GA and the wonderful days of Fall have not arrived as of yet. BUT today was cooler, at least until 11 am.


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